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Why should you consider supporting a ministry helping men, women, families and churches, in America, the Caribbean and South America to face and overcome homosexuality?

Please enjoy just a few brief testimonies of individuals that have experienced the transforming work of the Holy Spirit at His Way Out Ministries.

“I know that there are a lot of people like me, who came to this spiritual hospital called His Way Out Ministries. Since spiritual warfare starts in our thought patterns, thank God, He renews and changes those patterns. I can’t even begin to say thank-you enough to everyone at His Way Out Ministries who allowed God to use them to bring wholeness to my life.” – Carol

“Thank you His Way Out Ministries and your supporters in helping to bring healing to my life in the area of my sexuality. I was broken, desperate, alone and confused. Now, I look forward to life with hope.” – Bernie

“When I joined the support group at His Way Out Ministries, I did so to face and confront issues that were always suppressed under guilt and shame. I’ve learned a little more about grace. The group became a refuge and I began to look forward to the meetings to let out all I had been stuffing inside. I found understanding and support for very fragile emotions.” – John

It’s been quite a year. So many new discoveries about who I am and what God plans for my life. Through His Way Out Ministries, I have learned so many aspects of life and His creation. Thank you His Way Out Ministries for being a vessel that delivers truth to men like myself and families in the throws of confusion and concern regarding homosexuality.” – Steve

His Way Out Ministries remains on the front-line of ministry developing ministry in the Caribbean and America, with ministry development dependent upon your financial support. Our support comes from individual donors, families and churches, not institutions, company sponsors or government grants.

Words cannot adequately express the deep gratitude we have for those of you who have sustained this work with your prayers and financial support. Your partnership is invaluable.

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