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February 28 through March 15, 2013

Michelle Smith, Founder and Director of “The Power of Change Outreach International” in Jamaica and Pastor Phillip Lee will be ministering in various churches, guests on Christian Radio Isaac 98.1 FM and sharing testimony at various venues. A possible meeting with the Prime Minister and a debate at the University of The West Indies is currently being discussed and explored. Michelle’s book From Lesbianism to Grace is one of the most powerful testimonies of transformation of which I am aware. From Lesbianism to Grace is available at Amazon.com.

March 15 through March 22, 2013

Operation Restoration is scheduling teaching opportunities in churches, opportunities to be guests on Christian TV and a meeting with the Prime Minister of Guyana. His Way Out Ministries has enjoyed a long-standing friendship and ministry partnership with Operation Restoration for many years. Michelle Smith and Pastor Phillip Lee look forward to spreading the Good News of freedom from same-gender attraction in Christ Jesus throughout Guyana.

His Way Out Ministries expresses sincere appreciation and gratitude to Hospital Christian Fellowship of Trinidad and Tobago for their friendship, ministry partnership and certainly for arranging the above mentioned ministry opportunities in both Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana. Together, we have and we will continue to make a difference. To God be the glory!

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