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Much of American culture has been consumed by the grip of political correctness with regard to homosexuality and related issues. Any public expression of disagreement with any aspect of the homosexual movement, or with homosexuality itself, is met with accusations of homophobia and verbal gay-bashing. The relentless quest by gay activists is a non-stop crusade for acceptance and to gain society’s stamp of approval on homosexual behavior. Even within the Church, the right to withhold affirmation and the right to believe that homosexuality is not on a moral par with heterosexuality remains under constant bombardment.

The strategy of shifting the debate about homosexuality away from religious beliefs and psychology by pro-gay activists to the realms of human rights and social justice has been and continues to be nothing short of genius. Equally within the realm of genius has been the relentless pro-gay camp campaign and strategy of portraying homosexuality as a condition and not a problem. This component of the strategic pro-gay agenda has evolved to same-sex attraction not needing to be fixed but rather to the mode of acceptance and approval.

One might think with all of the accomplishments of gay activists they would be satisfied especially with the achievement of same-sex marriage now being legal throughout America. Not so.

Now the focused push of the gay agenda is a demand for all individuals and institutions to publicly state whether you are for full and unequivocal social and legal equality for LGBT people, or are you against it, with your position and answer to be made known publicly.

In other words, neutrality, “love the sinner but hate the sin, avoiding the subject entirely, or “polite acceptance” will no longer be acceptable or tolerated.

Personally, I remain extremely concerned that most Christians still do not understand what has happened and what is coming.

Tragically, much of the Church has become desensitized by the bombardment and constant flooding of homosexual imagery through homosexual-related messages, media, and people sharing their stories about “gay is good.” It is an undeniable fact that homosexual imagery has influenced many into thinking that it is just another part of life.

We, the Church, are continuing to pay a very high price due to our reluctance, and sometimes fear, in not talking about and educating ourselves on the subject of homosexuality leaving the culture to teach our children and adults in terms 
of what to think and believe.

With far too many Christians having mostly ignored the extremely detailed and strategic pro-gay manifesto, how is it we are surprised by the effectiveness of their propaganda and relentless campaign? For far too long, we, the Church have been in the defense mode, bobbing and weaving just to fend off the impact of the gay rights movement.

Herein lies a personal, and I believe justified concern. Even at this late hour of the pro-gay campaign, most Christians are still failing to see the reality of what has happened and what is on its way. To date, many individual Christians and churches have been bombarded by unprecedented pressure, both legally and socially, to capitulate to the “gay is good” notion.

While it certainly remains possible to resist any notion or theology that flies in the face of God’s Word that homosexual practice, in any form and to any degree, is acceptable to God, Christian ethics and conduct, resistance will no longer occur without paying a high price.

A time of intense testing is underway. Standing upon and remaining faithful to the Truth and Authority of Scripture regarding God’s intent for human sexuality, is going to cost. Sadly, there will be those choosing to deny the Truth and Authority of Scripture regarding homosexual practice to avoid any and all conflict. Consciously choosing to avoid, set aside, dismiss or avoid God’s Word regarding homosexual practice will bring into clarity…

“The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits.” (1 Timothy 4:1)

The faithful to and for God must indeed count the cost of remaining faithful and unwavering to His Word. The days forward will require strength and resolve as continued heat and pressure will continue and intensify.

Indeed, there are deep, critical, and vital issues before us today with raging political theological currents doing their utmost to submerge the Church. Clearly, real and vital issues about the healing and transformation of sexual brokenness have and continue to sharply divide with many lives hanging in the balance.

We, the Church, will not serve humanity, unity, or the cause of Christ Jesus by ignoring the differences that exist or by sticking our heads in the sand. We must not allow emotion or the present political climate to dictate to the Church what we believe nor what we do to further God’s Kingdom.

The time is very, very near where many must decide whether or not they will continue to travel the narrow road with Jesus.

Neutrality will no longer be acceptable or tolerated.

Pastor Phillip Lee
Executive Director
His Way Out Ministries

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