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The following offers a capsule of one of my conversations with a gay activist.

Gay-activist: We have liberals, the press, and society on our side. You have neither the faith nor the strength to fight us, so you might as well just surrender now. We have no intention of stopping until every Christian is discredited and silenced.

Me: Careful. You are messing with the wrong Christian.

Gay-activist: Whoa! Didn’t Jesus tell you to turn the other cheek?

Me: Yes, He did. However, when it comes down to fighting for lost souls, standing in the gap, and speaking the truth about sexual sin, I will not cower in the face of homosexual intimidation. I will endure your harsh rhetoric, insults, and threats but I will not sidestep either truth or grace being purposed to speak clear truth about this issue and extend grace toward every person – yourself included.

Passivity and Silence = Surrender

There is no doubt, much of American culture and the Church has been consumed by the grip of political correctness with regard to homosexuality and related issues. Any public expression of disagreement with any aspect of the homosexual movement, or with homosexuality itself, is met with accusations of homophobia and verbal gay-bashing.

The relentless quest by gay activists is a non-stop crusade for acceptance and to gain society’s stamp of approval on homosexual behavior. Even within the Church, the right to withhold affirmation and the right to believe that homosexuality is not on a moral par with heterosexuality remains under constant bombardment.

The strategy of shifting the debate about homosexuality away from religious beliefs and psychology by pro-gay activists to the realms of human rights and social justice has been and continues to be nothing short of genius. Equally within the realm of genius has been the relentless pro-gay camp campaign and strategy of portraying homosexuality as a condition and not a problem. This component of the strategic pro-gay agenda has evolved to same-sex attraction not needing to be fixed but rather to the mode of acceptance and approval.

Today, while a segment of the Church continues to consciously and deliberately avoid the subject of homosexuality, God, however, is not silent and has never been silent. As true faithful followers of Christ Jesus, we take the Bible in its entirety or not at all. We do not have the luxury of randomly selecting portions of Scripture and discarding the rest. God’s Word is not a thing that a person can push around at their convenience. The Bible is a Voice, a Word, the very Word of the living God.

The Church must call homosexual practice sin, and that will remain offensive to many. We cannot water down God’s Word. There is no doubt our courage will be tested, there will even be times when some must stand alone and defend what is right. As Paul said to Timothy: “At my first defense, no one came to my support, but everyone deserted me.” (2 Timothy 4:16)

Today, maybe more than ever, a true faithful follower of Christ Jesus has crucified his rights and is willing to be completely and fully led by God’s Spirit. He fears God, that is, he has a healthy awe and respect for God and does not take God lightly. We, as God’s people, should not be out to advance the claims of a church, of a nation, of an ideology, but of Jesus Himself. There can be no true compassion, integrity, and outreach if the Name, the teachings, the promises, the life, the death, the resurrection, and the transformative power of the Holy Spirit are not proclaimed – and, proclaimed to the virtually untouched mission field around the world called “the gay community”.

What is stopping so many today in defending the Authority of Scripture with regard to homosexual practice? Is it fear of being beaten in an argument? Fear of not knowing what to say? Fear of messing it all up? Such fears are groundless. Christians are not in the business of “winning the argument”.

People are not argued into the Kingdom of God. What is eloquent and pierces a heart and soul is the personal testimony of someone whose life has been transformed by Christ. This is exactly what excites and captivates the imagination and interest. Not being well versed or educated on the subject of homosexuality is no excuse for remaining silent. We each have our own story to tell.

I would submit the calamity and dilemma many professing Christians face today with regard to homosexuality is not unlike a time when Elijah spoke and said: “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal is God, follow him.” But the people said nothing. (1 Kings 18:21)

Today, more than ever, we are in need of Christians that will not sidestep truth or grace but offer crystal clear truth on a host of issues, including homosexuality, toward every person. Frankly, this is exactly what the Church was called to be from the beginning and it is exactly what people are looking for today. It is a Church just like this that saved my life.

Many know and understand the importance and significance of reaching the un-reached peoples of the world for Christ Jesus. What about the un-reached homosexual population? We, the Christian community, have a lot to learn about bringing Jesus to the gays and lesbians who hopefully will one day knock at the doors of our churches. How about, “If you struggle with homosexuality and feel trapped – there is hope! Come on into Church and investigate the roots and causes of your struggle with homosexuality. We will walk with you as you look past the surface, deep into your heart, and consider God’s will for your life.”

It is the clarity of the Holy Scriptures that should compel each and every faithful follower of Christ Jesus to be a light where there is darkness, rather than hiding our witness from those who need it.

Luke 6:45 tells us, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” If we truly care about the eternal destination of a multitude of men and women, snared and deceived by the brokenness of same-sex attraction, we will not be silent.

Silence cannot and must not be an option

The welfare of individuals, families, and the Church as a whole depends on our facing reality honestly, compassionately, and courageously.

The Bible is not unclear. We have not been given a muffled message. To be able to refute unsound doctrine we must be able to listen to others and separate the truth from the lie and the Gospel from secular humanism.

Silence implies consent

Many who experience, if not suffer discrimination today, are individuals who do not withhold but rather insist on speaking the “truth” about sexual immorality. In America, we have strayed so far from “truth” on what constitutes healthy sexuality, anyone challenging or standing up for “truth”, righteousness and holiness will be hated.

Hate ideology in its purest form

“If the world hates you, know that it has hated Me before it hated you.” (John 15:8)

Let the world change its beliefs with regard to sexual expression but a Christian must not. Let others close their eyes and their mouths to moral concerns, but Christians must not. True, faithful followers of all the teachings of Christ Jesus must continue to live with conviction, commitment, and constancy.

When a Christian individual, family, ministry, or church offers a blend of uncompromised grace and “truth” they are well-positioned to offer dynamic ministry. But what happens when “truth” is withheld?

It is an undeniable fact many in the Church today are consciously and deliberately avoiding the topic of homosexuality. Frankly, gay activists have done their job well in scaring many speechless. I, all too frequently hear excuses such as:

Homosexuality is just too confusing.

If I speak about homosexuality I might hurt someone’s feelings.

Stating gays and lesbians can change seems politically incorrect.

I just can’t hit that balance of both truth and grace on the topic of homosexuality.

This subject just rubs too many the wrong way.

I will summarize all of the above in one word – fear.

Fear appears to be guiding far too many. Or is it many have become preoccupied and concerned about personal reputation more than that of Christ Jesus?

It is catastrophic to be held in the “grip of fear” because fear is a formidable barrier to what God desires to accomplish in our lives and in the life of His Church.

God has not given His people a spirit of fear, “…for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

Personally, I have found that those who are so defensive and uptight about the topic of homosexuality usually do not understand the causes of homosexuality, and nor do they see just how their negativity is actually working against the process of recovery that men and women with unwanted same-sex attractions are desperately seeking.

A very popular and important Scripture that is constantly offered to the broken is John 8:32, “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Question: How will they know the truth and be free if truth is being withheld?

With everything that has transpired and everything that continues to unfold, most Christians still learn more about homosexuality from movies, the Internet, and television than they learn in their own congregations.

Often, hanging in the balance, are many who struggle with same-sex attraction and remain torn by the ongoing rhetoric and debate while yearning to hear the redemptive truth of the Bible.

If we truly love God then we have nothing to fear.

If we truly love God and people, we cannot allow them to live a compromised life of sexual brokenness and sin, unchallenged?

Personally speaking, I learned early on in my new life in Christ Jesus there is no wiggle room with regard to God’s commandments. Consequently, I found healing and wholeness in the Church because “truth” was not withheld from me.

Anyone that does not side fully with the “truth” of the Holy Scriptures regarding homosexual practice while at the same time uncompromisingly extending God’s grace is enabling and contributing to a distorted view of Christianity.

Speak the Scriptural truths regarding homosexual practice.

Silence implies consent

I am compelled to take things further due to the intensity of what is currently coming down the pike.

One might think with all of the accomplishments of gay activists they would be satisfied especially with the achievement of same-sex marriage now being legal throughout America. Not so.

Now the focused push of the gay agenda is a demand for all individuals and institutions to publicly state whether you are for full and unequivocal social and legal equality for LGBT people, or are you against it, with your position and answer to be made known publicly. In other words, neutrality, “love the sinner but hate the sin,” avoiding the subject entirely, or “polite acceptance” will no longer be acceptable or tolerated.

Personally, I remain extremely concerned that most Christians still do not understand what has happened and what is coming.

Tragically, much of the Church has become desensitized by the bombardment and constant flooding of homosexual imagery through homosexual-related messages, media, and people sharing their stories about “gay is good”. It is an undeniable fact that homosexual imagery has influenced many into thinking that it is just another part of life.

We, the Church, are continuing to pay a very high price due to our reluctance, and sometimes fear, in not talking about and educating ourselves on the subject of homosexuality leaving the culture to teach our children and adults in terms of what to think and believe.

With far too many Christians having mostly ignored the extremely detailed and strategic pro-gay manifesto, how is it we are surprised by the effectiveness of their propaganda and relentless campaign? For far too long, we, the Church have been in defense mode, bobbing and weaving just to fend off the impact of the gay rights movement.

Herein lies a personal, and I believe justified concern. Even at this late hour of the pro-gay campaign, most Christians are still failing to see the reality of what has happened and what is on its way. To date, many individual Christians and churches have been bombarded by unprecedented pressure, both legally and socially, to capitulate to the “gay is good” notion.

While it certainly remains possible to resist any notion or theology that flies in the face of God’s Word that homosexual practice, in any form and to any degree, is acceptable to God, Christian ethics and conduct, resistance will no longer occur without paying a high price.

A time of intense testing is underway. Standing upon and remaining faithful to the Truth and Authority of Scripture regarding God’s intent for human sexuality, is going to cost. Sadly, there will be those choosing to deny the Truth and Authority of Scripture regarding homosexual practice to avoid any and all conflict. Consciously choosing to avoid, set aside, dismiss or avoid God’s Word regarding homosexual practice will not bring clarity.

“The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits.” (1 Timothy 4:1)

Truth must be spoken and it must be spoken with compassion, understanding, and the knowledge that truth often cuts extremely deep before it can begin to bring about healing and wholeness. Ultimately, faithful followers of Christ Jesus must speak the truth about homosexuality because it is truth alone that will bring about freedom and wholeness.

Many years ago, it was Christians, speaking both truth and grace into my life that made all the difference. I would not be here today without them. My particular sin and brokenness were not overlooked but rather talked about openly and in conjunction with many, many other sins. For the first time in my life, I began to be who God created me to be which, by the way, also included loving even the broken parts as He did and does.

Jesus said, “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” (Matthew 7:13-14)

When we embrace the truth of Scripture without compromise, Jesus empowers us to walk in His purposes.

Truthless grace accomplishes nothing

The faithful to and for God must indeed count the cost of remaining faithful and unwavering to His Word. The days forward will require strength and resolve as continued heat and pressure will continue and intensify.

Indeed, there are deep, critical, and vital issues before us today with raging political theological currents doing their utmost to submerge the Church. Clearly, real and vital issues about the healing and transformation of sexual brokenness have and continue to sharply divide with many lives hanging in the balance.

We, the Church, will not serve humanity, unity, or the cause of Christ Jesus by ignoring the differences that exist or by sticking our heads in the sand. We must not allow emotion or the present political climate to dictate to the Church what we believe nor what we do to further God’s Kingdom.

The time is very, very near where many must decide whether or not they will continue to travel the narrow road with Jesus.

Neutrality will no longer be acceptable

The ultimate issue for the homosexual is the same as it is for every individual. Where do they stand? Are they dead in sin or alive in Christ?

Therefore, we must not withdraw, we must not be silent.

Passivity and silence = surrender

Pastor Phillip Lee
Executive Director
His Way Out Ministries

His Way Out has been faithfully ministering to men and women seeking a way out of sexually broken lifestyles since 1994. We could not do it without the support of Christians like you. Every dollar that you give to His Way Out Ministries helps to further this vital ministry. Won’t you take a minute to prayerfully consider a monthly donation to His Way Out? Please consider making a one-time donation or set up a secure monthly PayPal contribution on our donation page at https://www.hiswayout.com/donate/. Thank you, Pastor Phillip Lee


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