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Today, the intolerance of anyone challenging the practice of homosexuality, in any form and to any degree, continues by attempts to revise historic Christian teaching. When anyone claims that homosexuality is God’s gift to the Church and to society, then true faithful followers of Christ Jesus must speak up and defend the clarity of the Holy Scriptures.

Those that have fully embraced the Bible in its entirety, are a people bound by the Word of God; our conscience is constrained by it, and from this position we cannot move. While we are not focusing on the sins of others and thereby ignoring our own, neither are we willing to sit silently when our culture calls a behavior, any behavior, acceptable to God and has the blessings of Christianity.

Ultimately, the issue with regard to homosexuality is a Gospel issue. Those who attempt to support homosexual practice from the Bible use approaches to the Bible that do not support the understandings historically held by the Christian church. Nowhere in the Bible will you find one positive statement about the practice of homosexuality. Every time it is mentioned, it is mentioned as a behavior (not unlike many others) in which no man or woman is to practice.

Therefore, as revisionist attacks will undoubtedly continue, true faithful followers of the teachings of Christ must continue to counter attempts to make homosexuality morally acceptable and on par with heterosexuality. Not to do so undermines the historic Christian teachings regarding sexual morality.

Tragically, much of the Church has become desensitized by the bombardment and constant flooding of homosexual imagery through homosexual-related messages, media, and people sharing their stories about ‘gay is good.’ It is an undeniable fact that homosexual imagery has influenced many into thinking that it is just another part of life.

We, the Church, are continuing to pay a very high price due to our reluctance, and sometimes fear, in not talking about and educating ourselves on the subject of homosexuality leaving the culture to teach our children and adults in terms of what to think and believe.

With far too many Christians having mostly ignored the extremely detailed and strategic pro-gay agenda and march, how is it we are surprised by the effectiveness of their propaganda and relentless campaign? For far too long, we, the Church have been in the defense-mode, bobbing and weaving just to fend off the impact of the gay rights movement.

The gay-Christian movement is picking up momentum due to the reinventing of Scripture. It goes something like this: “Revising the Scriptures on homosexuality is appropriate and correct because in light of new scientific evidence, we now understand that people are born that way. Therefore, homosexual behavior and relationships should be endorsed.”

Frankly, both condemning and endorsing homosexuality miss the mark. A huge and significant shift needs to take place. The question is, “Are we, the Church, willing to turn that high-powered perception upon ourselves and ask ourselves some very hard questions?”

  • Are we willing to take responsibility for harsh words or inappropriate actions and apologize for any wrongs we may have committed out of ignorance?
  • Are we willing to share the Scriptural truths about homosexuality such as: No one is born with same-sex attraction and change is possible?
  • Do we, the Church, truly see ourselves as God’s vehicle to reach wounded, broken, hurting humanity – which includes the sexually and relationally broken?
  • Are we, the Church, truly willing to educate ourselves on the complexities of same-sex attraction thereby dismantling the many lies and replacing them with the Scriptural truths about homosexuality?

In other words, might we, the Church, become much more proactive in educating and equipping ourselves regarding true Christian ministry to those with unwanted same-sex attraction?

In doing so, we would move from the defense mode of the past several decades to reverse the current tide through understanding and education.

Morality is not a matter of personal interpretation. It is a matter of authority – God’s Word – the Bible.

According to Scripture, there can never be any justification for treating homosexuality as morally equivalent to heterosexuality. That said, we, the Church, are being asked to lower the bar on the clarity of Scripture with regard to homosexual practice which ultimately means faithful followers of Christ Jesus are being asked to set themselves in direct opposition to moral values clearly outlined in God’s Word.

Today, as the saying goes, “The ball is squarely in our court.” We, the Church, cannot and we must not underestimate ourselves. We, the Church, hold the only answer there is to the crisis of homosexuality. In other words, “Are we willing to be the change we wish to see in the world?”

If we, the Church, truly desire to see current trends change regarding homosexuality and the many related issues, our response requires a combination of compassion and understanding. Scripture is abundantly clear in that homosexual practice is only one of the many types of behavior condemned in the Bible. Therefore, to condemn homosexuality really is an expression of compassion because it seeks to warn, if not rescue those snared by the brokenness of same-sex attraction.

There is no doubt the battles will continue, as those who favor homosexuality appear unwilling to concede any ground, at times even defying sound, crystal clear biblical and theological standards and truths. Clearly, today, the Bible is being pushed aside as just another book on the shelf by many. However, the Bible continues to give us the way to eternal life with God and the true answers to victorious living here on earth. The Bible as God’s Book is and shall forever remain the textbook for life where one finds the truths, the ideals, and the inspirations to guide safely through life.

I still believe in and have every confidence in the Church’s ability, through Christ, to lovingly communicate to the sexually broken that God’s mercy and grace are sufficient for transformation.

May God help us on that day when we are asked to give an account of how we responded to the difficult issue of homosexuality so that we might hear Him, say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:21)

From All of Us at His Way Out Ministries…

All of us at His Way Out Ministries truly covet your prayers. You make it possible for His Way Out Ministries to reach around the world with a message of hope in Christ Jesus. Today, the need remains great but too often the resources are few. We desperately need you to help us in this effort.

Pastor Phillip Lee
Executive Director
His Way Out Ministries

“If I profess with the loudest voice and clearest exposition every portion of the truth of God except precisely that little point which the world and the devil are at the moment attacking, the I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Christ. Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is tested.” Martin Luther

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