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Dear His Way Out Ministries…
Help! My spouse just left me for a homosexual relationship.

When husbands or wives “come out,” the heterosexual spouse has lost the one person he or she would most hope to turn to. Feelings of isolation, betrayal, and grief are absolutely to be expected – and absolutely too weighty for anyone to carry alone. If your spouse has sworn you to secrecy or you’re trying to avoid embarrassment or shame, you must realize that wrestling with this by yourself is not an option. You must seek support. Your spouse would be selfish to make you promise confidentiality, and the secrecy could be very unhealthy for you. You need to revisit the promise with your spouse; let him or her know you need a sounding board – the compassion of another in whom you can confide. Thankfully, there is hope if you are in this situation. While homosexuality or sexual impurity in a marriage certainly produces a crisis, it may be that with the “secret” becoming known, the marriage has opportunity to survive.

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