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On June 6, 2012, Pastor Phillip will be returning to the Caribbean – specifically, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. His Way Out Ministries continues a ministry partnership with Operation Restoration (Guyana), Hospital Christian Fellowship and God’s Love Brings Transformation (Trinidad and Tobago) for the purpose and focus of raising awareness, educating, and encouraging the Body of Christ to minister to those with unwanted same-gender attraction. Numerous trainings, media events, sharing testimony in churches, and meetings with dignitaries of both nations have been scheduled.

His Way Out Ministries, Hospital Christian Fellowship, God’s Love Brings Transformation and Operation Restoration believes that all persons need the ministry of the Church in their struggle for sexual wholeness, and we commit ourselves to that end. We do not condone the practice of homosexuality and consider such incompatible with Christian teaching and conduct. We believe that through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the healing power of the Holy Spirit, often mediated by extended and competent ministry, prayer, and a caring Christian community, the sexually broken can experience transformation and restoration towards wholeness.

His Way Out Ministries, Hospital Christian Fellowship, Operation Restoration and God’s Love Brings Transformation repudiates any non-loving, prejudicial attitudes that deny Christ’s unconditional love for all people and declare such to be sin. Our ministry partnership offers and extends a compassionate Christian ministry for such persons.

Pastor Phillip will be in Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago beginning June 6th and ultimately returning to office on July 2nd.

UPDATE JUNE 1, 2012: Postponed

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