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Reaching men and women struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction is something we all can do and must do to help those searching. No one is doomed to be gay and you may be the only person that will have the courage to share the Good News with the same-sex attracted person. May we all trust God to do His part while we do our part.

  • Keep the consequence of sin in context. God wants us to love and witness to straight sinners with the same gravity and perspective as we do to gay sinners.
  • Evaluate your attitude toward homosexuals. Love never fails. Love is giving to others with their best interest at heart.
  • Friendship is extremely meaningful to the homosexual struggler. Accepting and loving any individual with same-sex attraction without conditions has nothing to do with condoning their lifestyle.
  • “But what if people think I’m gay?” Three words – “Get over it!” Be more concerned about your character and less about your reputation.
  • Distinguish between temptation and sin. When temptation strikes (not if, but when), encourage him/her to turn to the Lord and not run from Him. No one gets to choose that which tempts them.
  • Be prepared for the ‘born gay’ argument. While many believe their sexual orientation is inborn, and for that reason justifies their behavior, this theory remains unproven.
  • Share your own life experiences. Many of the causes of same-sex attraction are experienced by many people. Talk about your own battles and strategies of battling weakness. rejection, loneliness, pain, lust and other temptations. Get real!
  • Never water down the Word of God. Emphasize the greater struggle is not about his or her sexual choices, but rather his or her denial of the authority of Scripture and the Lordship of Christ. Do not apologize for what Scripture has clearly said about purity.
  • Encourage the timid and help the weak. Extending affirmation or encouragement does not require special training, money or knowledge. Do not limit helping a same-sex attracted individual by relinquishing the responsibility to others. Do something tangible.
  • Emphasize the key to overcoming same-sex attraction or any stronghold. Apart from Christ, we can do nothing. For anyone to maintain or achieve any level of purity he/she must begin and cultivate a close communion with Christ Jesus. No matter what our feelings or problems, we all must die to ourselves and follow Christ. God is not to be used simply as a means to an end. He is our goal.

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