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by Steve Wentland, Ed.D.O.L.

Today, a problem seems to rest not in truth itself but ‘the finding of truth.’ Truth if it is truth is not relative, cannot be misinterpreted, not undiscoverable but can be denied. We might not like the truth but let us never allow someone to tell us that we cannot have or understand the truth.

Truth buried in facts creates a WOW response. As kids, didn’t truth surprise you in those science classes? I was amazed when my 7th grade science teacher demonstrated to the class that air has weight and mass. Or, the truth that the stove was not hot surprised me at the moment of discovery. Truth small or great has an enlightening affect on me – moves my spirit and soul even my flesh at times.

Truth, when I accept it, amazes me, but just like stories from the past, I have the choice to believe it or deny it. I can be moved, amazed, and enlightened or stay ignorant, undecided, or frightened.

In order to have ‘what is truth’ answered – I first choose to accept that truth is out there. My personal acquisition of truth defines me and makes me a better person. A fact is merely a fact in and of itself. Truth however requires a personal involvement, a commitment to accept. A fact does not change me, but truth does. Facts simply give me knowledge but truth gives me a changed life to make things I care about better. May we all want ‘The Truth.’

Steve, and his wife, Alonna, are members of the His Way Out Ministries Advisory Council.

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