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There is no doubt the subject of homosexuality has become perhaps the most controversial social issue of our time, often presenting a host of difficult, if not divisive questions, such as: What exactly is homosexuality and how is it caused? Is homosexual practice morally good? Is homosexual practice beneficial or detrimental to the individual?

What’s the best way to respond to the gay agenda that relentlessly bombards us through various social and political agendas?

Since 1994, His Way Out Ministries has been dedicated to equipping, educating, and encouraging the Body of Christ to minister transformingly to men and women with unwanted same-sex attraction.

We believe restoration and wholeness is possible through Biblical discipleship, prayer, a caring Christian community and the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

However, we have been and we continue to be very concerned with the many misconceptions people, including Christians, have bought into with regard to homosexuality; opinions and beliefs which are anything but based upon the Truth and Authority of Scripture.

Presently, we are working with a Christian radio station(s) which is lending their expertise, experience and guidance for what will be a considerable project which will include many sound bite commercials detailing the ministry services of His Way Out Ministries, testimonies, and other information regarding homosexuality from a uniquely Christian standpoint and belief.

Also, there is a possibility of His Way Out Ministries eventually airing a regular 30-minute teaching program which will focus on God’s Divine Intent for Human Sexuality, The Myths of Homosexuality, Homosexuality and the Church, Youth and Homosexuality, etc.

Why are we communicating all of this now? We truly covet your prayers. Prayer is the foundation for success. Anything and everything we do for King and Kingdom must be birthed in prayer and continually bathed in prayer. Would you please pray for this project?

Our God is a God of New Beginnings! By faith, we give Him all the praise for the great things He is about to do and accomplish.

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