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It is by no means a secret that American culture has and continues to drift far, far from standards of sexual morality found in the Bible.

Instead of sexual standards (holy boundary lines established by God Himself) we all are to live within, our culture has embraced and continues to promote other views all fundamentally opposed to Biblical sexual morality.

None of the alternatives to God’s standards regarding human sexuality can be right unless the Bible is completely wrong.

Therefore, if the Bible is right, then any and all alternatives must be wrong.

We have all heard the saying, “The darkest hour is just before dawn.”

We are there.

The Church in America is now fully immersed in moral darkness with other around-the-world churches fully engulfed in the same because they have and are now following our example.

To a large degree, the dismissing, the disregard of bringing both truth and grace together has enabled and continues to fuel the vacuum of sexual brokenness and decadence.

Many continue to be deceived under the guise, “it just isn’t proper to discuss such issues in or around the church.”

Today, the wave upon wave of new legislation doing its utmost to fully and completely muzzle the Church has already tragically caused many to “to seek middle ground hoping to ride out troubling waters and not be caught in the wash.” A religious travesty.

Some Christian leaders foresee an imminent revival. I hope they are right.

What to do?

Return to believing the Bible and trust its inerrancy from beginning to end.

If we allow that the Bible contains errors, then we remain just a couple of steps away from allowing anything and everything.

To allow, to excuse, to make room for any form of sin based on society’s acceptance and endorsement is to challenge, question and contest the Bible’s authority in every area of life.

Pastor Phillip Lee

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