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By Maverlin Oliver

Angels don’t always fly so stop looking up in the sky for one even though he or she might be up there.

Would this angry, self-blaming, sad, psychologically and physically damaged woman ever stop blaming herself for what she was going through in life? Struggling to recover from a serious bodily injury that left her disfigured and somewhat incapacitated, she writhed in agony on her hospital bed. Where was God when all of this happened to her? God could not be real.

“God, if you are real, show me a sign, let someone come and speak to me!” she internalized. Her emotional distress was eating out her heart and torturing her confused mind. A few eternal minutes passed.

Impossible! Someone, a TOTAL stranger, (“Angel,” not her real name) walked over to her bed and started to talk to her. She told the patient (“Bernie,” not her real name) that she was visiting someone in the hospital and saw her and thought she’d just come over to say “hi” and to tell her that God loves her.

“Do you know me?” asked Bernie.

“No, I don’t,” smiled Angel.

“So why did you come over to see me and you don’t even know me?” interrogated Bernie.

“Well… because God told me to do so,” responded Angel in a confident, angelic voice.

Bernie was dumbstruck! They talked a little more. Angel told her she was coming from a workshop called “A Christian Response to Homosexuality”. Bernie quizzed Angel further about the Christian response and Angel told her that although homosexuality is a sin (like other sins), and it is wrong yet as Christians we should be compassionate and show love, even though we are not condoning the sin.

The hot tears streamed down Bernie’s contorted face as she shared: “I am married to a man but basically all my life I’ve struggled with homosexuality and I’m with this woman partner to whom I am also married for many years but my husband does not know about my female partner. I know it’s wrong and I want to leave her but I’m afraid. I don’t know what to do but I want to get out of it. I suffer such anguish and pain.” Bernie told Angel that she was an answer to her prayer to God as a sign to show that He is real. Angel squeezed through that opening to share the gospel with her and to tell her that God loves her and so does she. Angel promised to refer her to one of the counselors who was at His Way Out Ministry (HWOM) workshop in Trinidad & Tobago West Indies.

Angels come in many forms, sometimes flying from one country to another but also in the form of a total stranger sent by God to minister to a brokenhearted bisexual woman.

*(NOTE: Sincere thanks to Pastor Phillip Lee and others from HWOM who held these workshops as your work is changing many lives for God’s glory. This true story was related to me by “Angel”. Bernie’s legal relationship with the woman was not done in Trinidad & Tobago as thankfully that kind of so-called “marriage” is illegal here but it was done in another country where it is legalized in some states).

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