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Since you can’t be here to witness for yourself what God does, I’d like to share a typical day with you at His Way Out Ministries.

The day begins with a phone appointment with a man in Utah. We have been talking for quite awhile. After working though many aspects of his same-gender attraction, he is now talking about his desire for marriage (and all the concerns that go along with it).

The next session is via email with a pastor in Michigan regarding a young man that is unusually gifted in leading worship but admits to his struggle with same-gender attraction. With his church knowing his story, he remains accountable to his pastor and committed to the healing process with His Way Out Ministries being part of the team.

The guy just before lunch is walking away from his addiction to pornography and is learning to be intimate with Jesus for the first time in his Christian experience. Like a sponge, he feverishly takes several pages of notes as we talk.

After lunch is the Jones’ (not their real name) wanting to talk about their fears and anxieties should their daughter continue down the path of a lesbian relationship.

Next, a marriage that has been impacted if not devastated by homosexuality. The next email conversation represents a wife that is seeking God with the husband completely complacent to the crisis in their family. No amount of reason seems to get through. While knowing he is losing his family, he doesn’t seem to care. Heartbreaking and mind-boggling.

Emails continue to arrive in the office from pastors in such places as Kenya, India and the United Kingdom asking, “How do I handle this?” or “How should I respond to…?”

A teenager comes in with his mother and dad. He is dealing with a sexual offense with a family member. Aside from being in court, he is grappling with sexual identify confusion and just being a teenager. In spite of the stress of life, progress is being made. God is moving and positive things are unfolding.

That evening, I continue to answer emails and draft articles for our monthly Newsletter and newspaper publications with Ginny checking-in with the wives group and Craig and Karen with parents.

The above is not an unusual day at His Way Out Ministries. Yes, lots of challenges, but also lots of life and lots of Jesus’ direct touch in people’s hearts. This is what you help us do each day along with groups, training seminars and conferences. His Way Out Ministries would not exist without you. Thank you and bless you for giving to our work. You are very, very appreciated! Your support and prayers keeps us going and afloat. God bless you!

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