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Each Saturday morning beginning at 7:00am, His Way Out Ministries offers a 30-minute broadcast dedicated to equipping, educating and encouraging the Body of Christ to reach out and minister to individuals, families, and churches impacted by the brokenness of same-sex attraction.

Season 3, Episode 15
It’s great to have Will Winn, ordained minister, friend, ministry partner, highly educated in Theology, Ministry, Christian Education, and Church Administration, join me to discuss California Assembly Bill 2943, a bill that has the potential to censor Christian resources like books, conference materials, and even the Gospel itself.

Right now, we should have our eyes on California. If bad policies, which are fervently being pushed are accepted in California, they usually start to spread to other states. For years, California has been testing the atmosphere around “sexual identity politics.”

It’s one thing to have a genuine disagreement with someone about their deeply held religious belief. It is a whole other thing, though, to penalize those who work to help others live out their faith. To put it simply, Christian schools, churches, and others who hold a traditional understanding of marriage and sexuality would be open to lawsuits for teaching Biblical truth about homosexuality or transgenderism.

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