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Dear His Way Out Ministries…
What exactly is homophobia?

To be genuinely homophobic, a person must manifest an irrational fear or hatred of homosexuals. What would constitute an irrational fear? Something along the lines of believing one might become gay by just being in the presence of a homosexual or that one could get AIDS by driving a car serviced by a homosexual auto mechanic. Such attitudes need professional attention, as well as punitive action from society.

What isn’t homophobic is a reasoned, principled, even compassionate denial of the moral normalcy of homosexual acts. Nor is it homophobic to oppose social policies and legislation which grant protected status to those who engage in homosexual acts. It is not even necessarily homophobic to support anti-sodomy laws, if such support is motivated by the belief that such behavior is harmful to both individuals and society. It is not homophobic to try and convince others that homosexuality and the homosexual movement are wrong.

What many people forget, both among those for and against homosexual rights, is that it is quite possible both to judge a behavior or lifestyle as immoral, and yet treat individuals with the respect and dignity which they deserve. Ultimately, neither truth nor love is homophobic. Therefore, responses to homosexuality which bear these qualities can never be homophobic. Any society which seeks to base its public policy upon truth and love will ultimately gain one of the most precious of social virtues – justice.

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