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Homosexuality: Answering the Culture

Today, it seems that most outreach occurs or happens at churches. What about successful outreach to homosexuals on their own turf?

Churches that have become a refuge of both truth and grace to those with unwanted same-sex attraction are great – but not enough. We must be willing to step way out of our comfort zones and purposely reach out to those who avoid the very truths we stand for and upon.

Maybe you’ve noticed? The gay community isn’t exactly breaking down church doors seeking help and support. If we, the Church, want to truly help them, we need to break down some of our own walls and meet them the same way Jesus meets us, where we are. Gay turf is not always conducive to establishing relationships and/or the commitment needed for someone to surrender his or her life to Christ and sustain their life with Christ.

Many well-meaning Christians have attended gay-pride parades and similar gay-affirming events, but such gatherings are rarely favorable for evangelism. Those in attendance often react to Christian outreach with distrust and disgust. Focus your outreach efforts by investing in the life of a gay individual in a neutral setting. If we are going to be successful in speaking into an individuals life we must first and foremost establish relationship. Once someone’s heart has learned to trust, the Church will hopefully become the place where he or she is restored, discipled, encouraged, mentored, nurtured, and above all else, loved.

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