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From the clamor of the evening news to the hush within a judge’s courtroom, battles continue to rage regarding homosexual practice. The implications for society and the Church are profound. Yet many people of faith remain confused still wondering and asking, “How do I respond in love to the same-sex attracted individual?”

Unfortunately, many today are still siding so far on the Biblical “truth-side” regarding homosexual practice that “grace” is too often not being extended which dismisses the heart of the Gospel, leaves the individual without hope, does not exemplify our Perfect Role Model, Jesus Christ (John 1:14), and ultimately does not fulfill The Great Commission.

Truthless grace accomplishes nothing.

His Way Out Ministries continues to offer training sessions which provide Biblical truths about homosexuality with each and every training always emphasizing and encouraging a Christian response.

Educational Workshops

Demystifying Homosexuality: Questions and Answers

An educational workshop designed to help clear up the misconceptions many have today about homosexuality. Why should sharing the Gospel to a gay person be approached differently than to anyone else? Scripturally-speaking: what do we know about homosexuality? Why doesn’t God just go ‘Poof!’ and make it go away? Is just saying homosexuality is a sin good enough? Does it matter why the person you love is homosexual? The workshop offers biblical and compassionate responses to homosexuality for parents, pastors, co-workers, a neighbor, or maybe just a good friend.

Homosexuality and the Reality of Change

Pastor Phillip Lee, Founder and Executive Director of His Way Out Ministries, brings a wealth of personal, as well as pastoral experience to this workshop. Pastor Lee will share his testimony, as well as discuss the questions: Can homosexuals really change? How long does change take? Will the person become heterosexual? How do I respond to pro-gay arguments?

The Myths of Homosexuality

If you’re like most Christians, you’re puzzled by homosexuality. You want to reach out in some way – but how? The first step is to become knowledgeable. This workshop helps clear up the many misconceptions most Christians have about homosexuality. Is homosexuality the worst of all sins? Is homosexuality genetic? Is homosexuality just a choice? Will marriage really fix a homosexual?

We all found the time to be very meaningfully spent and your personal sharing and commentary on the issue of same-sex attraction, choices involved in terms of adopting a gay identity and pursuing gay life were very helpful in expanding our understanding of these complex issues.

Pastor Steve Downs, Executive Pastor, River Lakes Community Church

There’s Something I Need To Tell You!
(When a Loved One Confesses They Are Homosexual)

What do you say and do when a loved one confesses they are homosexual? This workshop offers practical steps and information to help you understand your loved one, guidance to keep the lines of communication open without compromising your beliefs, and presents the biblical position on homosexuality.

Reaching Gay Youth

While the number of youth embracing homosexuality is alarming, there are many ways in which you can reach them. This workshop centers on why youth should question homosexuality and what role you can play in help bringing that about. What if people think I’m gay? Is there a difference between homosexual temptation and homosexual sin? How do I respond to the ‘born gay’ argument? What is the key to overcoming homosexuality?

I was gratified by the degree to which we seem to see and understand these issues in a very similar manner. I am grateful to have gotten to know you and may God richly bless and use you and your ministry in the lives of many.

Ian Boyne, Host of Religious Hard Talk, Kingston, Jamaica

Understanding Homosexuality

Is change possible? What causes homosexuality? Does God condemn a person for being attracted to members of their own sex? Is there a difference between homosexual tendencies and a gay identity? What are some of the battles each man and each woman will face in overcoming same-gender attraction? The workshop offers biblical and compassionate responses to homosexuality for parents, pastors, co-workers, a neighbor, or maybe just a good friend.

Homosexuality and the Church

The theological debate over what God’s Word says about homosexuality has become quite a phenomenon. Many concerns and questions must be addressed in churches wishing to reach out to homosexuals and their families. As a pastor, how do I lead our church to effectively love homosexuals? How do I introduce a gay-identified person to Christ? Is there a difference between the terms gay and homosexual? How does my church evaluate if we are handling homosexuality appropriately?

For more information or to schedule an educational workshop at your church, please contact His Way Out Ministries.

There is no charge for any Ministry Services of His Way Out Ministries.

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