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As many of you know, I am no stranger to the Caribbean. Twenty years ago, I began making frequent, regular missionary trips to the Caribbean. At that time, my ministry focus was teaching, training and equipping churches in personal evangelism primarily in Jamaica and Guyana. I was completely unaware that even then God had a plan in which I would ultimately return to the Caribbean with a ministry focus of ex-gay ministry rekindling old ministry friendships and partnerships and to establish new friends and partners in ministry. What an amazing God we serve!

On March 8th, I will depart for my third trip to Trinidad and Tobago at the invitation of Hospital Christian Fellowship (HCF). The intent and focus of my three-week stay in Trinidad and Tobago is to continue to raise awareness, educate, and encourage the Body of Christ to minister to those who struggle with homosexuality. Utilizing workshops, media opportunities, meetings with dignitaries, sharing in schools, teaching in churches and meeting with pastors of various churches and denominations, is all part of the three-week period with each and every venue dedicated solely to the birthing and facilitation of ex-gay ministry.

Thankfully and gratefully, over the years, I have been favored by God to both meet and share personal testimony with dignitaries in Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. I vividly recall my meeting with the Governor General of Jamaica. A meeting that was to have been 15 minutes at most, became 2-hours of sharing about freedom from homosexuality in Christ and ex-gay ministry. To this day, I remember the Governor General making this statement – “Please, my country needs this kind of ministry. Will you help us?”

Not long ago, during a trip to Trinidad and Tobago, I had the privilege of meeting and talking with the Mayor of Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago. Actually, the Mayor attended a gathering sponsored by Hospital Christian Fellowship with the purpose of sensitizing the Church regarding the concern of homosexuality in their nation and also to blaze a trail for ex-gay ministry to be birthed in Trinidad and Tobago.

In Guyana, Operation Restoration, a local Guyanese ministry that His Way Out Ministries has partnered with for many, many years, sponsored an unbelievable event at the National Library to raise awareness regarding the need of ex-gay ministry in their nation. The event was phenomenal with standing room only. Ex-gay ministry is now flourishing in Guyana due to the dedication and tenacity of Operation Restoration.

Why am I communicating all the above? The Caribbean is ripe for ex-gay ministry planting and development. Ultimately, His Way Out Ministries believes wholeheartedly we are called to this part of God’s creation. Obviously, ex-gay ministry is more than just professional for me. Indeed, it’s personal.

I am a little over 25 years down the road of a new life in Christ. Specifically, 25 years of freedom from homosexuality. To God be the glory! Over these many years, I have shared my testimony of not only freedom from homosexuality but God’s sustaining power regarding my journey of being HIV positive. My health condition is a huge, potent part of my personal journey and story. A part that I cannot withhold.

A few years ago, I had the privilege of being a delegate at the Prescription for Hope Conference held in Washington DC and sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse. The Conference was the vision of Franklin Graham (a personal hero) to bring the Church together to address the global crisis of AIDS. Franklin Graham believes as I do, Christian ministries need to mobilize support, and encourage the Church worldwide to reach out to a world crying out for hope. It so happens that one day at the Conference, I am stepping off an elevator with Franklin Graham waiting to step into the elevator. He noticed my Conference name badge and asked if he could speak with me. Like I was going to say “No.”? He asked where I was from and why I was at the Conference? I shared my concern regarding the pandemic of AIDS and I also had a personal interest in attending the Conference. That statement led him to ask, “Personal interest?”

We sat for some time and I shared about my HIV positive status and the journey it had been. I will never, ever forget his attentiveness and genuine interest. Ultimately, we ended our conversation with Franklin making this statement, “Please, please share your story.”

So, here we are many years down the road with God once again opening incredible doors of ministry – both locally and in the Caribbean. Admittedly, I am more than humbled by the wonderful people I have met and the unbelievable opportunities God has enabled for me to be a witness for Christ.

In ministry, especially ex-gay ministry, there are always risks. However, when we risk nothing – we risk even more. Please know I am purposed to first and foremost honor Christ upon my arrival in Trinidad and Tobago until I ultimately return to the States on March 29th.

Your prayers for the trip to Trinidad and Tobago would be greatly appreciated. I will look forward to sharing a trip report on my return.

From All of Us at His Way Out Ministries…

To those of you who do support us prayerfully and financially, we continue to thank you. Your generosity continues to enable His Way Out Ministries to reach out to the many thousands of people that it does while greatly encouraging us also. You make it possible for us to bring the healing power of Jesus Christ to the many seeking a way out of homosexuality.

Pastor Phillip Lee
Executive Director
His Way Out Ministries

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