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“The harm I witnessed in many lives and personally experienced as well, did not occur as a result of attempting to work through our unwanted issue of same-sex attraction but rather over and through our celebration of ‘gay.'” – Phillip Lee

There is no question that a goal of the gay liberation movement is to achieve a nationwide ban on counseling for individuals with same-sex attraction claiming “change is not possible” and to say that it is “too harmful.”

In my view, there continues to be relentless social pressure to protect “gays” from discrimination, but also from any form of disagreement, which from personal experience, is tragically promoting a dangerous philosophy.

I find this cause to be even more than intriguing since there is great diversity and disagreement in the gay community over fundamental basics such as “what it means to be gay or lesbian.” The gay community is hardly a unified front as many would have us believe.

While I personally deplore any and all forms of “gay-bashing” and other hate crimes against homosexuals, the extreme medical risks and the fundamental psychological problems often associated with homosexual practice cannot be undermined or dismissed.

That said, today, whether homosexual or heterosexual, the relationship between sexual promiscuity and high-risk sexual behavior are joined at the hip. This is not judgment but rather a fact of life.

In America, very little is being offered which promotes the truth about homosexuality and the general public has slowly but certainly bought into the many untruths with regard to the topic of homosexuality. This did not happen by accident.

In December 1973, by a narrow vote, homosexuality was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM) by the American Psychiatric Association. The vote was not based upon scientific research but on political pressure from homosexual activists.

So much for an individual’s right of self-determination to address their unwanted homosexual feelings and behavior.

In a nutshell, the problem is the politicization of psychiatry, psychology, and most definitely, the Bible, to the extent that the freedom to investigate and address homosexuality has been and continues to be under serious and relentless attack.

Today, in America and around the world, in the name of tolerance, diversity, and equality, often the truth has been suppressed regarding homosexuality. We can and we must reverse the current trend through education, awareness, and understanding.

Yes, because of very real discrimination, homosexual activists created a brilliant strategic plan to gain across-the-board acceptance. Yet their plan was based on a flawed paradigm to persuade people they were born with same-gender attraction and that change is not possible.

It is an undeniable fact this strategy has worked, in spite of no scientific or Bible evidence to support the opinion, notion, or theory.

Ironically, the biggest losers just may be same-sex attracted men and women who may get everything they think they want, but will they be denied what they truly need?

It is impossible to read The Bible and reach any other conclusion other than, “Yes, change is possible.”

Pastor Phillip Lee
Executive Director
His Way Out Ministries

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