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Because of my travels to churches and conferences, I come in contact with numerous Christians from all denominations. I am continually alarmed by the number of Christians that have been sexually active in ways that place them at great risk of contacting the HIV virus, which causes AIDS. Frankly, sometimes I come away from certain conversations wondering, “What’s the difference between the Church and the world?” when it comes to sexual involvement.

We have all heard the statement, “God hates sin but loves the sinner.” It has been my experience – both professionally and personally – that this is a true statement. Scripturally speaking, it is an undeniable fact that God hates sin. He hates every act of sin that has ever been committed. In fact, He intensely hates it because He understands that it ruins lives, destroys families and corrupts society. Ultimately, God cannot tolerate it because it does so much damage to people’s lives.

Experts agree that the answer to stopping the AIDS epidemic globally is not treatment, but prevention. They also agree that the best hope for prevention lies in changing human behavior. Never has the need and the opportunity been greater for the Christian community to take the lead in responding to this continuing crisis with conviction and compassion.

The global crisis of HIV/AIDS cries out for a united Christian response – a response that demonstrates the compassion of Jesus Christ while it declares the life-changing principles of God’s Word.

I remain convinced that God birthed , organized, equipped and continues to build His Church for the purpose of being the answer to many of life’s problems. We, The Church, are to be a lifeline for those struggling with sexual and relational brokenness, and most certainly health issues.

Therefore, with so much at stake, I wish to assure you that His Way Out Ministries will remain dedicated to continually resist popular trends toward licentiousness – the minimization of evil. Be assured that His Way Out Ministries does hate sin but loves sinners.

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