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My conversation with a reporter.

Reporter: I’m really surprised you continue to believe and state that men and women with same-sex attraction can change.

Me: Why does that surprise you?

Reporter: Well, you know, with so many having debunked Reparative Therapy and Conversion Therapy.

Me: I must challenge your use of the word “debunked.” While some men and women may not have benefited from Reparative or Conversion Therapy, both offer some very good, sound and solid counsel for life. So, let’s not, as the saying goes, “Throw the baby out with the bath water.”

That said, during our 25-year history of His Way Out Ministries, we have never applied or utilized Reparative or Conversion Therapy. Being a Christian ministry, our calling, mandate and approach is taken directly from the command and calling of our Lord Jesus Christ to make disciples as found in Matthew 28:19.

You do understand Biblical Discipleship is by no means the same as Reparative or Conversion Therapy, don’t you?

Reporter: Huh?

Me: Reparative and/or Conversion Therapy is a psychological, clinical approach to resolving same-sex attraction. At His Way Out Ministries, our position and approach rests entirely upon the Authority of Scripture versus the interpretations of some of the social sciences and medicines. All His Way Out Ministries Services are centered on the Biblical foundations of compassion, integrity, and dependence on God.

Reporter: Oh, pray the gay away.

Me: I would caution you not to mock God or the power of prayer.

We believe through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the healing power of the Holy Spirit, often mediated by extended and competent ministry, prayer and a caring Christian community, the sexually broken can experience transformation and restoration towards wholeness.

And, by the way, it is our intent to extend compassionate Christian ministry for such persons while repudiating any non-loving, prejudicial attitudes that deny Christ’s unconditional love for all people and we declare such to be sin.

Reporter: Wow, I had no idea.

Me: Do you have a Bible?

Reporter: Yes.

Me: With regard to “change,” I recommend you read Mark 10:27 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. “Change” is not just our personal opinion or feeling. God Himself says “change” is possible.

Reporter: Hmmmm

Me: So, if you still want to disagree or argue about “change” being possible, I suggest you take it up with God. Indeed, you can argue the point with Him but you won’t win.

Reporter: Thank you for your time.

Me: Anytime.

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