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The kind of truth faithful followers of Christ Jesus are called to embrace, proclaim, and walk in, does not have grey edges. It is clear and straight forward about God’s commandments and God’s priorities.

It definitively names and defines what is right and wrong and does not veil the consequences for both obedience and disobedience.

Whether Christian or not, anyone seeking truth, God’s absolute truth regarding homosexuality, must turn to the Holy Scriptures.

“Straight Talk” seeks to turn controversy into ministry because those who live by truth engage in the ongoing challenge of applying God’s unchanging standards to our ever-changing culture and world.

  • What is the difference between “sharing the Gospel versus clobbering someone with the Bible?”
  • How is “speaking the truth in love” accomplished to someone whose entire identity is wrapped up in their sexuality?
  • Scripturally-speaking, what do we know about homosexuality?
  • How do you respond to: “Love is love, so what difference does it make if it is two men or two women. Love is what matters most?”
  • What’s wrong with this picture: “We repent enough to be forgiven, but do we surrender enough to be changed?”
  • With God’s Word being crystal clear that change is possible for the man or woman combating same-sex attraction, why do you suppose many are stating change is not possible?
  • Which is easier for you to say, “Please forgive me for…,” or, “I need to talk to you about something you are doing that hurts me?”
  • How would you define (to the gay-identified man/woman) the difference between “acceptance and approval?”

“Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts,” the apostle Peter admonished. “And always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.” (1 Peter 3:15)

“Straight Talk” will meet on the 1st Saturday of each month at the His Way Out Ministries Office.

Please visit www.hiswayout.com/contact for our location.

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