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rr-soyousay-donald-stewartAuthor Donald K. Stewart provides an abundance of documentary proof for the major points he articulates and makes an appeal to all readers to honestly face the facts rather than being driven by popular sentiments or what is often convenient political propaganda with regard to gay civil rights.

Pastor Stewart emphasizes, “If we are not prepared to stand up for the something, then we will easily fall for anything. Those who declare and embody authentic holiness will easily become a source of offense and an object of ridicule in this permissive generation (2 Timothy 3:12). The hour has arrived when those who are genuine co-workers with Jesus Christ to discard time-wasting theological debates and futile philosophical arguments about homosexuality.” Pastor Stewart addresses such topics as: A Higher Evolution?; The Homophobic Smokescreen; Eisegesis and Theological Gymnastics; I Was Born That Way; Sodom and Gomorrah Revisited; Why Don’t You Just Focus on Fidelity; and much more!

So You Say You Are Gay: But Are You Really Happy? is available at Amazon.com.

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