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Today, within the Christian community, there is a great divide over homosexuality. While some in the Christian community state that homosexuality is an abomination and completely reject homosexual men and women, others believe homosexuality is wonderful and they encourage homosexual behavior. Those encouraging homosexual practices have all but reinvented theology with their newfound theology being “pro-gay theology.”

For the most part, those revising the Scriptures to support homosexual practice have largely revised certain passages in light of “new” scientific evidence. Such as, ‘we now understand that people are born homosexual, and therefore we should endorse both homosexual behavior and relationships.’ Any attempt to state the Scriptures clearly communicate homosexual men and women are born that way is a blatant misuse and contradiction of Scripture.

Frankly, any endorsement or condemnation of homosexuality misses the mark entirely. Today, the Church is in desperate need of clarifying its view of the individual struggling with same-gender attraction and offering a statement such as:

If you experience same-gender attraction, God loves you and we love you. You are welcome to Church. We do not approve of homosexual behavior, just as we do not approve of any sexual behavior outside of marriage. We know that you were not born with same-gender attraction. Even if that is what you have been led to believe, it is not factual. We embrace all people. You are welcome in our church.

Today, while many church and denominational doctrines still teach and promote the biblical view of sexuality – marriage is meant for one man and one woman, and all sex outside of marriage is incompatible with Christian teaching and conduct – others are lowering the bar and conforming to a rapidly changing social trend of the acceptance of homosexuality and incorporating those beliefs into church doctrine. Revising theology on the topic of homosexuality has become fashionable citing ‘old ways are not applicable to new understandings; therefore we must conform to a more modern view.’

Many churches and denominations have thankfully repented of their harsh treatment of homosexuals but have also allowed the pendulum to swing to the opposite extreme – acceptance of both sin and sinner. How is it that today many just find it easier to go to the extreme left or right, rather than committing to finding a Biblical resolution to the crisis we face regarding homosexuality and related issues? As a result, the divide that most definitely exists within the Church regarding homosexuality continues to grow. If you are not condemning then you are immediately put in the liberal camp. Very few churches have yet to realize there is another way. Neither condemnation nor acceptance of their sin is helpful to the person caught in the dilemma of same-gender attraction. The way out of the intense battle of homosexuality is often a long process which most definitely requires love, understanding, and discipleship from and by the Church.

Having once sat on the other side of the fence (gay is good), I can personally attest to the fact and reality the Church has treated homosexual persons abominably. In many, many respects, we the Church owe the gay community an enormous apology. That said, instead of repenting to the gay community, many churches and denominations are throwing the baby out with the bathwater by revising theology without truly understanding what drives homosexual behavior.

Instead of taking advantage of becoming educated about same-gender attraction, they are succumbing to political pressure and giving in to social trends by endorsing homosexual behavior. The bottom line – everyone loses! While an abundance of homosexual men and women think they are finally getting what they want and deserve, will this tactic truly give them what they need?

While I have stated it before, I believe it needs repeating – The Church must not underestimate itself, it holds the only answer there is to this difficult issue. While we continue to say that God can do the impossible, do we still believe it?

Ultimately, by pursuing acceptance through revising theology on homosexuality, special legislation and the relentless spin on homosexuality by the media, men and women struggling with homosexuality and lesbianism will never, ever experience the love and peace they so desperately seek and deserve.

There is no doubt homosexual activists have devised a brilliant strategic plan to gain greater and greater acceptance. Much of the plan has been based upon and remains based upon ‘that they were born with same-gender attraction and change is not possible.’ Tragically, the strategy has and is working.

We can and we must reverse current trends regarding homosexuality through education and understanding. Indeed, acceptance is a vital issue to all people and we must be accepting of the wounded person, but we can never accept a theology or a way of life that flies in the face of God’s Word. Frankly, to lack compassion in this area is to be out of step with God.

We cannot and we must not allow any misguided desire to extend mercy to potentially cause us, The Church, to surrender our right to judge right from wrong. It is time to bring understanding and clarity to the issue of homosexuality. It is only through understanding and compassion that we can resolve the many controversies and confusion surrounding homosexuality. It is up to you and me to reach out in love realizing the homosexual issue will never be solved by politics, science, or the media.

Ultimately, revising theology to support or endorse homosexual behavior in any form or to any degree minimizes The Church as the last bastion of hope to the homosexual struggler.

From All of Us at His Way Out Ministries…

Today, confusion about sexuality, homosexuality in particular, is all too common. While some continue to say people are born gay, others say they are not. Thousand of men and women who were told they were homosexual have found the gay life to be less than satisfying. People desire and deserve godly answers to their questions.

To each of you who continually bless us by your encouragement, ministry participation, monthly financial support, offerings, and prayers…we remain truly grateful. His Way Out Ministries is proclaiming to, educating and impacting the world with the biblical truth that freedom from homosexuality is possible when Jesus Christ is Lord of your life!

Pastor Phillip Lee
Executive Director
His Way Out Ministries

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