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Far too many men and women have believed and accepted lies causing them to become ensnared and trapped in a false self-perception and identity.

“Sticks ‘n stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!”

Yeah, right, I’ll buy that one!

What are some of the lies?

If you really knew me you wouldn’t love me.

This lie enables and forms a view and belief that keeps one from honest, transparent and vulnerable relationships because someone just may find out ‘the secret.’

I am just a bad, bad person.

This lie is often embraced because we bought into the notion that my worth is based upon my performance. In other words, when I do ‘bad’ things, I am bad. And when I do ‘good’ things, I am good.

Here’s a big, big lie – especially, in our present culture.

Sex is my greatest need.

Unfortunately and tragically, sex has become a byword for love. Today, far too many have bought into this lie which goes something like this: “I will die if I don’t get my ‘fix” because it’s the only time I truly feel loved and cared for by anyone.”

So, how do we address such lies and what steps are required to reject such lies?

Some times we (Christians) over spiritualize matters and disregard taking practical steps. Such as…

  • Avoid persons, places and things which reinforce and perpetuate the lies. We must seek out those persons, places, and things that under gird the truth. This, most definitely, includes seeking the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, studying God’s Word and remaining in the company of believers.
  • Avoid things that are evil. (Acts 15:20, 1 Peter 2:11) and…
  • Hold fast to things that are good. (1 Thessalonians 5:21-22)

Your self-worth, your true identity is in your relationship to Christ Jesus. If He lives in you (you are born-again), you are a new creature. (Corinthians 5:17)

Affirm this to yourself, speak this to yourself out loud in thought and word. In doing so, you will be embracing the truth of whom God says you are and you will pull the lie(s) of its pedestal.

You can do this!

Believing in Him and in you,

Pastor Phillip Lee

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