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Greetings from Trinidad and Tobago!

I arrived late last night safe ‘n sound with all flights operating as scheduled. PTL!

Are the flights getting longer or am I just getting older? Never mind!

Actually, my arrival was preceded by a wonderful article written by journalist, Joel Juien, with The Guardian Newspaper here in Port of Spain, capital of the two-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The article titled ‘Reach out in love’ to the LGBTQI community appeared in last Sunday’s edition and I am thrilled with the article content. Why?

Because it is fair, balanced, clothed in Christ’s love and ACCURATE.

The issue of how the Church relates to persons from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex (LGBTQI) community has been a primary focus of The Guardian Newspaper for the past couple of weeks.

While the article does offer the personal path I took on leaving homosexuality in October of 1985, a great deal of attention is dedicated to finding “a new lease on life,” “finding love in the Church” and “the Bible instructs us to respond to people with compassion, hope and help.”

As yet, I have not found a web link to the article but I will continue trying and post it should I locate a link.

Ultimately, the article concludes by offering, “Of course, as followers of Christ, the practice of homosexuality should never be encouraged or affirmed. However, when any man or woman has the courage and the integrity to disclose their battle with same-sex attraction, that in and of itself should never be taken lightly and ultimately viewed as an opportunity to share Christ’s love and acceptance for and to the individual.”

“Each and every faithful follower of Christ Jesus can take part in changing history, by reaching out in love, forgiveness and understanding because the crisis of homosexuality will not be solved by politics, science or the media. The solution is in your hands and mine, within our hearts, inside our minds and most definitely by our actions.”

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