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Dear Friends and Fellow Laborers in Christ Jesus,

Individually and collectively, we are called for such a time as this to continue raising awareness, educate, and encourage the Body of Christ around the world to minister to those with unwanted same-gender attraction. This is both a privilege and an honor in Christ Jesus.

Our full and total reliance has been and must continue to be upon the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our belief that through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the healing power of the Holy Spirit, mediated by extended and competent ministry, prayer, and a caring, compassionate Christian community, the sexually broken can experience transformation and restoration towards wholeness. Therefore…

May God prosper the work of your hands

Encourage you with His guidance

Wrap you in His loving arms

Heal your heart with His presence and truth

Shield you from the schemes of the devil

Watch over you in the darkness and grant you His rest

Strengthen you with all spiritual gifts

Send you friends in Christ to walk with you

Restore those things which have been lost and taken from your life

Renew your hope daily

And hide you from all sorrows.

You are precious in His sight.

In Christ,
Pastor Phillip Lee

His Way Out Ministries

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