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Learning about homosexuality and understanding God’s perspective on same-gender attraction will go a long way in increasing our effectiveness in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

How confident are you in offering a response to the following to your gay neighbor, a close relative, a member in your church, or the one you’ve yet to meet?

1. True or False? The person struggling with same-gender attraction is often confused about the Christian viewpoint.

2.True or False? Science has conclusively proven that homosexuals are “born that way”.

3. The statement “Homosexuality is the worst of all sins” is (a) Scripturally correct, (b) shows a lack of understanding the Bible, (c) may be true in a practical sense, (d) stating it is harder to overcome than many other sins.

4. A child raised in church and a Christian family (a) has no chance of becoming homosexual, (b) must reject the church in order to practice homosexuality, (c) can develop homosexually, (d) becomes gay when they reject God.

5. After becoming a Christian, the individual will (a) become heterosexual at some point, (b) become heterosexual, (c) still never be free of same-gender attraction, (d) may still experience temptation from time to time.

6. Homosexuality is (a) always a choice, (b) always genetic, (c) always related to childhood sexual abuse, (d) none of the above.

7. The ideal response to homosexuality is to (a) “love the sinner, but hate the sin”, (b) always preach repentance, (c) befriend and establish relationship, (d) ignore them.

8. True or False? Not one Scripture in the entire Bible encourages or promotes homosexual practice.

9. The word that best describes how most gays view the Christian church is (a) Hate, (b) Distrust, (c) Admiratiion, (d) Humor.

10. The statement “Homosexuality is worse than any other sin” (a) is true Scripturally-speaking, (b) isn’t true Scripturally-speaking, but is true practically speaking, (c) shows a lack of understanding of one’s own sin, (d) means that it is harder to overcome than other sins.

Answers to the Pop Quiz Questions are below.

If you struggled in coming to a decision about any of the offered questions, please consider hosting a His Way Out Ministries Educational Workshop at your church. For a detailed list of various workshops please visit our Educational Workshops page.

Pop Quiz Answers
1. True
2. False
3. b) Shows a lack of understanding the Bible
4. c) Can develop homosexually
5. d) May still experience temptation from time to time
6. d) None of the above
7. c) Befriend and establish relationship
8. True
9. d) Distrust
10. c) Shows a lack of understanding of one’s own sin

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