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Operation Restoration
Restoring the Values of Abstinence, Chastity and Fidelity!

Main Office
77 Canjie Street, Section K, Campbellville, Greater Georgetown
Phone: 226-5344 or 227-8444
OVC Project Office
52 Marigold Street, Roxanne Burnham Gardens
Phone: 225-3571
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Our History

The beginnings of Operation Restoration date back to 1998, when an adolescent girl from Linden, a student at Brickdam Secondary School, stayed in the home of Jennifer Flatts, past chairperson of Operation Restoration. Conscious that she was at a developmental stage in her life when many go wrong, Jennifer decided to borrow and show the student some videos which focused on sexuality. The girl found these videos very interesting and educational and that gave Jennifer the courage to broaden her outreach, so she decided to invite the youths from her fellowship to come and view the videos at her home. What followed was a fruitful, beneficial, enlightening and interesting time of interaction and discussion that went on for about five years as they looked at a variety of topics related to managing their sexuality.

In the year 2000 Jennifer’s ministry to secondary schools and other educational institutions began. The main message was sexual purity and self-respect.

In June 2004, the Lord gave her the idea to take along with her young peoples – virgins and those who had committed to a secondary virginity – on her moral talks to the schools. Now this is called “peer education.” This strategy proved to be very effective. However, to facilitate peer education, it became necessary to compensate young people for time lost on the job. In August 2004, Phyllis Jordan suggested that the pool of young people be expanded. To facilitate that, it was recommended that the ministry assume a more formal structure. That was realized in Operation Restoration, a faith-based, non-denominational, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) registered in November 2004.

Executive Board
At present the team is Phyllis Jordan, Chairperson; Kurt Da Silva, Vice Chairman; Jewel Collier, Treasurer; Donna Collier, Secretary; Sonnel David-Longe, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer; Jennifer Flatts, Technical Coordinator; Hazel David-Longe, Prayer Coordinator; Makesha Archer, Youth Representative; and Leonard Hoppie, Youth Representative.

Mission Statement
It is the mission of Operation Restoration to equip leaders with the requisite knowledge and skills to impart God’s perspective on human sexuality; and to empower youth, through educational and cultural programmes, to become role models in the way they manage their sexuality.


In brief, Operation Restoration is, among other things, established for the purpose of:

  • Educating youth about values of abstinence and sexual purity
  • Training youth how to manage their sexuality
  • Developing in youth the ability to critically assess and appropriately respond to the bombardment of sexual messages
  • Teaching youth the social graces necessary for fostering healthy relationships
  • Empowering youth to resist negative peer pressure and facilitating an environment of positive peer pressure where self-esteem is built or restored
  • Presenting an opportunity for healing to youth who have been sexually abused and providing a way out for those who feel trapped in sexual behavior with which they are unhappy
  • Challenging youth who are already sexually active to commit to a secondary virginity
  • Continually recruiting youth who have committed to abstinence and sexual purity as role models to propagate those values
  • Providing educational and psycho-social support for OVC that would enable them to be more rounded individuals
  • Providing psycho-social support for the caregivers of OVC enabling them to cope with the challenges they encounter
  • Assisting the OVC to become aware of what constitutes healthy eating habits and encouraging them to adopt same
  • Providing parents with the tools necessary to create an abstinence enabling environment for their children

Services and Programs

Social Graces Improvement Services
The objective of this arm of Operation Restoration is to equip individuals with the tools necessary to enable them to be well-mannered, cultured individuals, coping comfortably and acceptably in any social setting. We offer training to churches and youth groups in social etiquette, table etiquette, telephone etiquette, proper interview conduct, customer services and work etiquette, as well as guidance in appropriate dress and courtesy, among other things.

The Orphans & Vulnerable Children Project
The OVC project provides educational and psycho-social support for OVC that would enable them to be more rounded individuals. Psycho-social support is also available for the caregivers of OVC enhancing their capacity to cope with the challenges they encounter. Additionally, we seek to assist the OVC to become aware of what constitutes healthy eating habits and encourage them to adopt same.

Bonding Meeting
A Bonding Meeting is a special forum created for members of Operation Restoration to recharge and repair, if necessary, their commitment to abstinence and fidelity values. Its objective is to provide the positive peer pressure for members to make sexual choices in accordance with the will of God. Towards this end Bonding Meetings take the form of interactive Bible Study, experience sharing about love, sex, behaviour changes and coping mechanisms, role plays to improve communication and abstinence negotiation skills, life skills learning sessions, and current affairs and movie evenings to sharpen the critical sense on moral issues.

Prevention Services
These services focus on promoting the abstinence message by, first, putting faces to abstinence and silencing the myth that “everybody’s doing it”. We offer training to youth leaders, Sunday School teachers and their groups in basic information on STIs, HIV, AIDS, Self-esteem, Self-awareness, Goal-setting and other life skills that facilitate delayed gratification.

Parent Support Services
This service has been uniquely designed and is offered to parents of youth with whom we work. The main purpose of PSS is to assist in and enable parents to cultivate for their children an environment that will empower their children to make healthy sexual choices. Support group sessions take place once every six weeks and one-on-one counseling sessions can be arranged on request.

Operation Restoration/His Way Out Ministries Partnership
The existence of this partnership is to offer hope and support to persons struggling with same sex attractions. This ministry is a member of Exodus Global Alliance, taking referrals from churches, other community organisations and individuals.

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