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Today, in America, very little is being offered which promotes the truth about homosexuality and the general public is slowly but certainly beginning to believe the many untruths and inaccuracies being offered. This did not happen by accident.

Recently, an article titled “Finding ways to love in a time of hatred” was offered in the Bakersfield Californian Newspaper. Admittedly, as one that left homosexuality 26 years ago, I have personally experienced many positive terms that have been corrupted and negative terminology about those disagreeing with the normality and practice of homosexuality as well. However, to equate “disagreeing” with homosexuality as “hating” is a huge inaccuracy and at the least flawed reporting.

Today, many terms are being played up by those promoting homosexual practice to cast a negative light on anyone questioning homosexuality and gay rights. How is it that no words are used to explain that those opposed to homosexuality actually care about the people involved, and ‘hate’ is the furthest thing from being a motivating factor.

As one that spent 17 years as a gay-identified man, I simply want the false glamor and lies to be stripped away from homosexuality, one of which is that objecting to homosexuality means that one is intolerant, bigoted, homophobic and hateful. These words utilized by the pro-gay agenda have become far too convenient and are clearly being relentlessly offered to promote a one-sided agenda which is being seductively pushed upon American society.

If words such as ‘love’ and ‘hate’ are going to be used, the burden of proof is on the individual or community to produce evidence. That said, to use the word ‘hate’ to define those objecting to homosexuality is a huge, sweeping generalization and far from being all-inclusive.

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