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Please tune-in at our new time of 7:30am (PST) on Saturday, March 14, 2020 for the first broadcast of Season 5 of the His Way Out Ministries Radio Broadcast on KERI 1410AM.

If we are bashing homosexuals, we do not love them as Jesus does. When we affirm the practice of homosexuality, we are not speaking the truth according to God’s Word. If we are stuck between the two extremes and are too fearful to discuss and relate to the issue, we are unable to do ministry as Jesus would.

We will be welcoming both past and new guests to our broadcast with each and every program designed and offered to turn the many controversies that often surround the topic of homosexuality into productive Christian ministry.

Presently, we offer a considerable library of past broadcasts on our web site, all of which are available for immediate listening or downloading for later.

Podcasts direct link:

Live Stream is available for our broadcast on KERI 1410AM at:

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