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Dear His Way Out Ministries…

Our son just told us he is gay. He says he’s finally accepted who he is and that he’s never been happier. Can this be true?

What’s important is how your son views his experience. Here’s why: Society is doing it’s utmost to silence any message of hope regarding change from homosexuality, and the church still is not stepping boldly up to the plate either. Therefore, many men and women struggling with same-gender attraction have been left to fend for themselves.

Ultimately, when repression accompanied by the pain of denial and hiding reach the boiling point with many “coming out,” it is not unusual for the individual to express and buy into a newfound freedom. When an individual (any individual) gives into fulfilling the desires of the flesh, especially not having to hide their sexual desires, they may feel happier than they ever have at any other time in life.

They key for your son is to realize that it is never too late to turn back. This is exactly where the church and you come in. If he hears that change is possible, that he was not made this way, and that he is loved within godly boundary lines, maintain hope that when his feeling of relief wears off and the emptiness sets in, he will try to live his life in line with God’s will. In the meantime, pray that God will protect him.

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