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Many people I meet who have not personally struggled with same-sex attraction feel they could be of no help to anyone struggling with homosexuality or lesbianism. This could not be further from the truth.

Yes, God does often use the experience of those who have walked a similar path to provide direction and encouragement to others, and this has certainly been true in my own life.

Actually, those whom God used most significantly in my own healing were men and women who never, ever struggled with same-sex attraction. I’ve heard this repeated so often by other formerly gay-identified men and women that I’ve lost count.

So, please, if you are a woman or man who has never even had a same-sex thought in your life, please be encouraged that God can significantly use you to help someone struggling with same-sex attraction.

Discipleship involves laying down our lives for others. (John 15:13) It is most definitely an act of love, expecting nothing in return. Ultimately, after we have extended ourselves to another, we must at some point take a step back and allow God to be God.

Ultimately, making disciples is much more than just transferring biblical knowledge. If biblical knowledge by itself were the key to Christian maturity, we should have the most spiritual generation of Christians in history. Clearly, the Apostle Paul recognized that each believer is unique and needs individual attention, “We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, no that we may present every man complete (mature) in Christ. For this purpose also I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works with me.” (Colossians 1:28-29)

I freely admit I do not have all the answers to the complexities of same-sex attraction. However, I am willing to go with the individual to the One that does. For the man or woman who has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, who has repented of their sexual sin, and who is seeking to yield their life to the Lordship of Christ, other believers must be willing to come alongside, invite them into their homes, invite them into their families, invite them into their lives, and help them fulfill their destiny in Christ. A huge mistake is made when anyone imagines that the man or woman dealing with same-sex attraction needs to be approached with the claims of the Gospel in some totally unique way.

For the man or woman overcoming same-sex attraction, their journey must ultimately be their own. In that regard, their central focus and primary motivation must always be about pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ. This is greatly accomplished through God’s practical application of being discipled.

No matter how broken or sinful an individual’s past may be, he or she can become more than they ever dreamed or imagined.

Pastor Phillip Lee
Executive Director
His Way Out Ministries

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