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Dear Friends and Ministry Partners of His Way Out Ministries,

When my heart and spirit is troubled, I pour my thoughts out in writing. I have been, as I remain, greatly troubled with regard to what is happening in the Church regarding homosexuality. Admittedly, The Church has always faced problems, but the scope and intensity of its problem regarding homosexuality seems to be greater than any previous time in history. How did things get to this point?

An increase of the “gay is good” notion within the Church, along with a considerable decline in the moral tone of America literally now threatens the stability of the Church. Morality on the part of many appears to be minimal.

Is it possible that given the crisis of homosexuality in the Church, and the persecution by many that uphold the Authority of Scripture which clearly defines the practice of homosexuality, in any form and to any degree, a sin, are being separated as true believers from the merely professing to be Christian?

There is no doubt we are witnessing an increase and a rise to an amoral society. That said, Church history clearly dictates that persecution has generally purified and strengthened the Church. Today, however, The Church, called to be salt and light, appears to be greatly struggling today to find its relevance. There was time when The Church set societal standards.

Therefore, what are the prospects for The Church (Christians) choosing to confront and combat what appears to be a growing complacency and neglect regarding homosexuality? If we as true, faithful followers of Christ Jesus, face and discuss this critical issue in a rational and loving way hoping and praying to produce principles that may warn and encourage The Church with regard to the future, is it possible our attention to what lies before us will produce a stronger Church?

I remain convinced for proper spiritual guidance in the life of every Christian and the Christian community, our authority must be rooted in special revelation which must guide all reason, emotion, and the will- individually and collectively. We can and we must be accepting of the same-sex attracted man or woman, but we can never accept a theology or a way of life that flies in the face of God’s Word.

Frankly, I do not know of a time when we have needed God’s intervention so desperately. No nation has squandered as many opportunities as we have. It does seem unrealistic to expect a revival when far too many appear to be unwilling to face the harassment that might well come to us all. But if we humble ourselves and weep for this nation, God may yet intervene and restore decency to this crazed nation and world.

I hope, I pray, the knowledge of God and what He has clearly stated in His Word, is not fading from view. We must call on God for His mercy, and if it please Him He will come to our aid.

Pastor Phillip Lee
Executive Director
His Way Out Ministries

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