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Gone are the days of Bible-believing Christians living an unchallenged faith, because the land we once viewed as a comfortable home has become foreign territory, barely recognizable to those of us who remember other times.

This interview though recorded in July 2018 illustrates, depicts and defines why we must never be ashamed of the Gospel – and we are told to proclaim its precepts.

But how do we stand up to an increasingly hostile culture that demands our silence?

Walking in faith isn’t so much about fighting culture wars but witnessing Jesus’ restorative grace to those who haven’t yet found it.

The interview will affirm your understanding of the Bible’s views on sin, salvation, gender identity and homosexuality while teaching you why today’s world has grown hostile to Christian and biblical values and where you can find room to minister within challenging conversations.

Listen online or download so you can listen later.

Rock Harbor Church Interview On The State Of The LGBT Movement – Download MP3 –

Also available for listening at Rock Harbor Church

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