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Many years ago, I withdrew from being both politically correct and church correct when it comes to the subjects of homosexual practice and HIV/AIDS.

As an individual that knows all too well the realities of homosexual practice and combating the HIV virus since January of 1993, I am frequently alarmed by those that promote homosexual practice, and more so by those that have chosen to remain silent.

I remain convinced that an appropriate question to consider is: Are the qualities or consequences of homosexuality beneficial or detrimental to individuals? If homosexual behavior is essentially detrimental to an individual thereby greatly threatening the sanctity of life, then we have the responsibility to speak up and present truth.

While AIDS is not solely a homosexual disease, the disease was confined almost exclusively to homosexuals in the beginning years of the epidemic in the United States. I personally witnessed this horrific tragedy unfold while living in San Francisco having several personal friends die of AIDS at the beginning stages of what is now a pandemic. Tragically, the reality and threat of AIDS has not stopped men from engaging in unprotected sex and the continued risk-taking by many is not due to a lack of awareness.

Warning: the following article is very detailed and graphic.
Crisis Magazine Their Sexual Proclivities Are Killing Them

There is, therefore, little to no evidence that homosexual practice can be anything other than a severe threat to the sanctity of life. That said, all efforts should and must continue to better understand and find a cure for AIDS and AIDS-related diseases. However, if the sexual behavior that is fundamental to most homosexual practice constitutes the primary means of transmitting such disease, then it only makes sense for society to do all it can to decrease such behavior which ultimately protects the sanctity of life.

Today, maybe more than ever, what matters morally should be determined on the basis of our best understanding of what constitutes human well-being. Those behaviors and lifestyles which promote physical health are to be encouraged, while those which are essentially injurious are to be avoided.

For each and every faithful follower of Christ, all life is sacred and to be celebrated. As society and the Church continues to ascertain the rightness or wrongness of homosexual practice, I will continue to hope and pray that more will consider the undeniable facts regarding the effects of homosexual practice which often greatly impacts if not reduces the longevity and sanctity of life.

Is it possible that the reason God has been so specific in His Word about not practicing certain behaviors is because He is doing His utmost to protect us from unseen danger?

If, as Christians, we believe life is sacred, we must be life’s protectors.

Pastor Phillip Lee
Executive Director
His Way Out Ministries

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