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Did anyone really think it would come to this? I certainly didn’t. I have been asked numerous times what I think about the U.S. Supreme Court addressing the issue of same-sex marriage. While I have shared my personal views and thoughts on same-sex marriage, I will still say probably much less than some would expect. Why? Because His Way Out Ministries calling is not necessarily to the political arena.

That said, I do believe and encourage all Christians to consider what is the most appropriate way of responding to homosexuals, and more specifically, to the demands which they are pursuing through various social and political agendas when it comes to same-sex marriage?

Today, advocates of social policies and legislation to “normalize” and prohibit discrimination on the basis of homosexual orientation often base their arguments on the claim that homosexuality (same-sex unions of any type and to any degree) is “normal” for a significant percentage of people. However, the term “normal” remains open to various interpretations, being understood in different ways by different people.

Our primary concern should be to promote public policies which both protect and enhance the well-being of individuals and society as a whole. Today, many people are impressed with statistics. Consequently, when it comes to communicating that large numbers of homosexuals exist, they mistakenly assume that homosexuality must be normal, natural and, therefore, socially acceptable. Setting aside this faulty logic, we should at least attempt to get the facts straight.

The questions surrounding homosexuality, and more specifically, same-sex marriage, are not legal ones. Frankly, even if all religions were silent on the subject, we would still need to ask whether it is right or wrong. We should not even be asking political questions regarding homosexual practice because it matters little to the debate of whether homosexuality is politically correct. Nor is “the question” about culture or tradition. Ultimately, the moral status of homosexual practice should never be determined on the basis of figures. There is no such thing as “statistical morality.”

Given the high profile of the public debate over homosexuality and same-sex marriage, and the efforts of those seeking its social legitimacy, the question of how society will handle and respond is critical. Given the current political climate, if we cannot address homosexuality and same-sex marriage both factually and within a moral context, then we should not address it at all.

It is more than ironic that in a time of what appears to be great concern for basic values and the emphasis for the instilling of character, there are those perpetuating and elevating “desire” to the level of the new “moral norm.”

It is my opinion that hurting, wounded people are the main issue. There are many men and women who call themselves gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender, who don’t know that God loves them and has made provision for them. As the Book of Joel tells us, there are “multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision.”

As long as resources are poured into the political battle alone and ignore ministry to the lonely ones, we contradict the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ. What if people were to hear, instead of labels, an invitation to relationship? What if they were to hear, “We know you are a person. Come talk with us, let us know you, and we will let you know us. Let us grow in our understanding of one another and see how the Lord might use us in one another’s lives.”

Our hope at His Way Out Ministries remains that people who have been just fighting over the political issues of homosexuality would be willing to expand their awareness to the human need embedded in the behavior, which is a fueling agent of same-gender attraction. My personal hope and desire is that the people who are called by God’s name will humble themselves and pray, then open their hearts to men and women who need to know Jesus cares about them and their needs. I pray that God’s people will look for ways to minister in truth and love and reach into the vast, enormous and virtually untouched mission field of those struggling with unwanted same-gender attraction.

Pastor Phillip Lee
Executive Director
His Way Out Ministries

© Copyright His Way Out Ministries

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