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Nearing the end of 2023 and for the record…

Equality? How is that defined and what does that look like?

What many people forget, some conveniently, with regard to homosexuality and gay rights, is that it is possible (from a Christian perspective) to disagree with homosexual practice or as some state, the gay lifestyle, and yet treat individuals with respect and dignity.

Since the Biblical and theological perspectives are correct which see and define homosexual practice as one of the myriad forms which human fallenness can take, then those practicing or engaged in such behavior deserve the truth and even more so deserve the offer of forgiveness, healing and restoration which is available by and through Christ Jesus.

Therefore, any and all responses to same-sex attracted men and women, and homosexuality itself, clothed in and offered in truth and compassion can never and will never be homophobic, bigoted or hateful.

Truth is and truth matters greatly to God.

Gay activists, in particular, are swift to point out that any disagreement with gay (identity, practice, rights, etc.) must be classified as “hate.”

Gay and lesbian activists often claim they are asking for nothing more than social justice and the guarantee of their civil rights – to be protected from oppression, anti-homosexual violence, housing and employment discrimination based upon their sexual orientation.

Is this truly the case?

Once again, bearing in mind to challenge or disagree in any way with “gay” = hate, (per many gay activists), what about when same-sex attracted men and women disagree within their own ranks and community with challenges and different beliefs and viewpoints regarding “gay?”

Within the gay community there is great diversity and disagreement regarding what it means to be gay or lesbian. Many do not appreciate or use the word gay and many believe same-sex marriage is a joke.

One need only consider the fierce opposition that frequently arises within the homosexual community when any of its own dare to criticize various aspects of either the gay or lesbian lifestyle or their social and political endeavors.

The gay community is anything but a united front as some would have us believe. Therefore, when speaking of the “gay agenda,” it is important to recognize and acknowledge that there is by no means a unanimous agreement on all the details of that agenda.

Therefore, it seems to me when criticisms or challenges surface in their own camp and vehemently opposed, should not that be viewed and termed – hateful?

Personally-speaking, it is well known that the subject of homosexuality for me is both professional and personal.

Herein lies my concern. Many today are stating, “God’s standards just seem unfair – therefore, they must not really be God’s standards.”

When the moral question has been answered and upheld by individuals, families and churches, then, and only then, can we deal with the relationship between homosexual practice, society and the Church.


Frankly, the welfare of individuals, society, and the Church as a whole, depends on our facing the subject of homosexuality honestly, compassionately, and courageously.

Yes, homosexuals have the right, as do others, to believe that homosexual behavior should be accepted as normal. However, they do not have the right to demand everyone else agree with them.

True love is loving in spite of our differences and treating each other with kindness and respect. This is what it means to live in a society in which freedom of speech, religion (and belief) are guaranteed.

Pastor Phillip Lee
Executive Director
His Way Out Ministries

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