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The normalization of homosexual practice has to a very large degree occurred due to individuals and churches shunning responsibility, by their silence, that God’s truth on the subject is just too risky and not valuable enough, ultimately seeing God’s truth as optional.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that God’s absolute truth has been and continues to be revised and rejected regarding homosexual practice.

In June 2015, when America legalized same-sex marriage, the lid on Pandora’s Box came flying off, immediately generating a downward spiral, a continuous deterioration of truth largely due to the mishandling of God’s truth by the ones it was entrusted to.

There is no denying culture’s influence in reshaping truth but also believers who have ultimately allowed truth to become so denigrated that truth is now, in some eyes, relative and flexible.

As the Apostle Paul predicted, we will no longer endure sound doctrine according to 2 Timothy 4:3.
If current trends continue, I am convinced the Biblical view and truth regarding homosexual practice, will be that many will be tempted to continue appeasing culture rather than God’s truth constituting a betrayal of The Church’s function.

“The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits.” (1 Timothy 4:1)

The faithful to and for God must indeed count the cost of remaining faithful and unwavering to His Word. The days forward will require strength and resolve as continued heat and pressure will continue and intensify.

Indeed, there are deep, critical, and vital issues before us today with raging political theological currents doing their utmost to submerge the Church.

Clearly, real and vital issues about the healing and transformation of sexual brokenness have and continue to sharply divide with many lives hanging in the balance. We, the Church, will not serve humanity, unity, or the cause of Christ Jesus by ignoring the differences that exist or by sticking our heads in the sand.

We must not allow emotion or the present political climate to dictate to the Church what we believe nor what we do to further God’s Kingdom. The time is very, very near where many must decide whether or not they will continue to travel the narrow road with Jesus.

This is a time for The Church to stand unwaveringly on the Word of God. There was a time when The Church set societal standards. It is only with God’s absolute truth in our hearts, we can go forward to have conversations that uphold His truth thereby changing our culture and revealing the love of Christ to all the world.

It is possible to both speak and express the heart and mind of God regarding homosexual practice.

Pastor Phillip Lee
Executive Director
His Way Out Ministries

His Way Out has been faithfully ministering to men and women seeking a way out of sexually broken lifestyles since 1994. We could not do it without the support of Christians like you. Every dollar that you give to His Way Out Ministries helps to further this vital ministry. Won’t you take a minute to prayerfully consider a monthly donation to His Way Out? Please consider making a one-time donation or set up a secure monthly PayPal contribution on our donation page at https://www.hiswayout.com/donate/. Thank you, Pastor Phillip Lee

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