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Each Saturday morning beginning at 7:00am (PST) on KERI 1410AM, and live streamed at www.wilkinsradio.com, His Way Out Ministries offers a 30-minute broadcast dedicated to equipping, educating, and encouraging the Body of Christ to reach out and minister to individuals, families, and churches impacted by the brokenness of same-sex attraction.

Season 2, Episode 12
Landon Schott, author of Gay Awareness: Discovering the Heart of the Father and the Mind of Christ on Sexuality joins Pastor Phillip Lee for a second His Way Out Ministries Radio Broadcast to discuss: Does that which tempts us define our identity as Christians? Is the answer to homosexuality – heterosexuality, or holiness? and God’s view of same-sex marriage.

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Defining Our Identity w Landon Schott pt2 – Download MP3 –

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