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“Once gay, always gay,” is a common sentiment in the homosexual community. Heaven knows, I bought into and used to preach all that false propaganda once myself. Many gays and lesbians truly feel that they were born that way. They will be very frank and honest by stating that they do not ever remember making a conscious choice to be drawn to someone of their own sex. So, common logic says, homosexuality must be genetic or hormonal, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

I will admit that such thinking sounds a bit logical, but it is not based in truth. Both the Holy Scriptures and an abundance of secular literature provide evidence that homosexuality, though deeply ingrained and even habitually practiced, can be overcome, both as a lifestyle and as an identity.

God does not create homosexuals. If He did, He would not have any business judging their behavior as sinful and unnatural…something He devotes a great deal of His time doing in His Word. (Romans 1:26 -27) I mean, why would God create something contrary to Himself? God created both sexes to be compliments and counterparts to each other and to live in a hetero-sexual, monogamous relationship. Any and every perversion of His divine intent (including promiscuity, adultery, bi-sexuality, homosexuality, prostitution, etc.) is clearly and repeatedly condemned in Scripture. (I Corinthians 6:9; Ephesians 5:5; Romans 1:24-27; Galatians 5:10-21)

As much as we might like, no amount of argument or attempts at justification is going to change God’s standard. A very clear and emphatic choice must be made by each person. Each person must ask themselves this question, just as I had to 33 years ago, “Will I obey God’s Word, or seek to reinterpret it another way in order to fulfill my sexual desires?”

I have never been able to find one, not one, positive statement about homosexuality in the entire Word of God. Indeed, I found Jesus to be abundantly clear in His teachings when He states that we have only two appointed options … heterosexual monogamous marriage or abstinence. So, let’s take homosexuality completely out of the equation and state it this way. Are you single? If the answer is “yes.” Then you are not to be sexually intimate with anyone. Also, for those viewing the subject of homosexuality as one of civil rights. This is not about civil rights. This is clearly an issue of morals.

Certainly homosexuals can change: 1 Corinthians 6:11. It is extremely important to know that each person seeking to overcome homosexuality is uniquely different. This was very true of my own journey out of the gay lifestyle. Many who have exited from homosexuality span a wide variety of ages, personalities, occupations, and various church denominations. Some ex-gays and former lesbians were once consumed and totally immersed in the homosexual subculture of cities like San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles. I, myself, spent many, many years submerged in large city gay communities. While others endured, and still endure, a silent struggle. Never confiding in anyone, never having a homosexual experience… but, in an intense battle with same-sex fantasies and desire.

There is no identical plan of action for healing from homosexuality. No “quick fix” or “one-two-three” formula. A person’s deliverance from homosexuality comes from a Person, rather than a method or even a program. That Person is, has always been and will always be, Jesus Christ.

The Bible speaks of transformation in a variety of ways: as being recreated in the inner person, as having the mind of Christ, as having God’s law written on our heart and mind, as walking by the Spirit and not the flesh, as being a new creation, and as being reborn.

All Christians face the decision of accepting or rejecting Christ’s Lordship. Coming out of homosexuality requires deep emotional healing and a restructuring of one’s whole identity. As our Creator, God, is the only One who knows exactly how to restore our personality. I remember so vividly, when coming to know Christ at the age of 35, what it meant for the first time in my life to be a man. But more importantly, what it meant to be a godly man. I liked it then. I like it still. Or, as I have heard it sung in a wonderful old song…”I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now.”

Change? Yes, with all the evidence on God’s side.

Pastor Phillip Lee
His Way Out Ministries

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