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In my experience, the ones who I have known who have successfully left homosexuality are those who have relinquished complete control of their lives to the Holy Spirit. The person becomes a lover of God and becomes focused on building His Kingdom and destroying the works of the evil one. Apart from Christ, we can do nothing. For anyone to maintain or achieve any level of purity he must begin to cultivate a close communion with the Lord. Truly, self-control is a fruit of walking with the Spirit (Galatians 5:16). Only God can bring about the changes the individual desires. Praying and worshipping at the beginning of each and every day, reading God’s Word while maintaining fellowship with the Body of Christ will all help bring about victory. No matter what our feelings or problems, we all must die to ourselves and follow Christ. God is not to be used simply as a means to an end. He is our goal.

Pastor Phillip Lee

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