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Dear Editor, Bakersfield Californian Newspaper – Community Voices

America is facing a challenge the significance of which is impossible to exaggerate. The challenge has to do with the status of morality, and whether or not there are any kinds of desires, behaviors or lifestyles which are deviant in an ethical, and not merely a sociological, sense.

There is no doubt the winds of social change are blowing aimlessly across America with emphasis being placed upon “tolerance” – which is to be extended to everyone and anyone without limitation and to any and all kinds of sexual expression. Is there nothing wrong with sex as long as it is consensual? And if there is something wrong, what is it? Does it really come down to a matter of personal taste, of private sentiment and personal choice? Have we become a nation that gains our sense of purpose and meaning primarily from our sexual desires and behavior?

The reality of an across-the-board crisis of sexual and relational brokenness in America clearly points to an increasing inability, as a society, to make healthy and moral distinctions. Even those who place a high premium on tolerance are obligated to recognize that matters of various sexual lifestyles now threatens the very values and institutions on which a solid and vital society is built and sustained.

The moral status of America cannot be determined on the basis of population figures. Three is no such thing as statistical morality. America’s blind, amoral pursuit of pleasure at any price, and in any form, have indeed perpetuated the social and dark spiritual dynamics which have birthed and inflamed the various forms of sexual perversion.

What matters morally should and must be determined on the basis of our best understanding about what constitutes human well-being. Today, more than ever, responsible American citizens who truly care for the greater social good of America are obligated to impose, if not place under the microscope, a moral gaze on their sexual behavior. Unfortunately, not every American is willing or responsive enough to such an obligation. What’s more they do not want anyone to hold them responsible.

Those who have the self respect to recognize that a person is not reducible to his or her desires or behavior truly exhibit a concern for social justice, personal responsibility and a true love for this nation which seeks nothing higher than the welfare of  people. When a person’s actions, no matter how well-intentioned or sincere, endanger the well-being of society, criticism is both appropriate and necessary. Irresponsible sexual behavior, is one of our nation’s most destructive realities. How is it in choosing to dismiss and disregard a moral compass, we are shocked by the state of our culture?

Pastor Phillip Lee
Executive Director
His Way Out Ministries

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