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Speaking as one that spent 17 years in the formidable gay communities of Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco, I know all too well there are radical gay-identified men and women who will not listen to anything the Christian community has to say.

Their ears are closed and their hearts have become so completely hardened that nothing Christians say will make a difference. Many have completely severed any and all bridges of communication, except for name-calling.

However, there remain men and women practicing homosexuality who would walk away from it if they thought they really could. Having bought into the notion of “once gay, always gay” as I did for many years, they still experience a sense of the wrongness of what they are doing but feel completely trapped with no way out.

To be frank, these are the men and women we have often failed, many of whom are in our churches.

Again, speaking from years of living as a gay-identified man, many in the gay community are hurting because they, just as I did, compulsively act out behavior to mask and cover pain.

Too often, we the Christian community, have failed to draw a distinction between the radical gay community and the individuals sitting in church who might be confused about their gender. Or between gay activists and the son or daughter who has adopted the gay identity but still is looking for a way out.

Please know and understand the radical gay community, gay activists in particular, do not speak for all gay-identified men and women. Frankly, gay activists often, very often, give the gay community a very bad rap.

My point?

We, the Christian community, we do not like it when others paint us with a big brush, let’s not do the same with the gay community.

Draw a clear distinction between the radical gay agenda and the men and women with unwanted same-sex attraction who are seeking help and hope.

The first word from the Church to the gay community should be that we ourselves need repentance.

Pastor Phillip Lee
Executive Director
His Way Out Ministries

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